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About me and my little family...

I’m originally from Texas/Louisiana but fell in love with a born and raised-PNW boy in 2017.


Introducing Nick– a hardworking goofball with the biggest heart. When he’s not at work, he’s often in the gym practicing Jiu-Jitsu or supporting whatever idea/project I’m passionate about.


We got married at the height of the pandemic, and our “honeymoon phase” was anything but traditional. Instead of sipping fruity drinks with little umbrellas on a beach in south Thailand- we threw ourselves into work, saved every penny we had for a down payment on a home, and ran full force to acquire the American dream.


Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing. Looking forward, we wanted to add adventure, joy, and spontaneity to our lives.
We bought a rooftop tent and began to dive into the world of Overlanding, rooftop tenting, and shifting our focus to making memories. We’ll be sharing photos, videos, and blogs of our adventures which can be found in galleries and the blog under “Adventures with The Andrews.”

the girls


Luna is the newer addition to our family. Having come all the way to Seattle from South Korea, her love for travel made her the perfect fit for our family. Although she’s a bit shy with strangers, she loves and plays fiercely. So grateful for this cuddle bug, even if she steals my spot every night. 


Lilah is my first love. I adopted her from a rescue group during my time in California. She was a handful and ate her way through my belongings (and my roommates) into my heart. After all the years, her little patch of white has grown, and she now moves a little slower, but she’s the best girl.